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In 2020, the average American home’s data usage surged to a peak of about 400GB per month, so most homes shouldn’t have too much trouble staying under Comcast’s cap. HAVANA/MIAMI, Jan 15 (Reuters) – American travelers beware: you can’t legally book your next beach vacation to Cuba just yet. But ordinary travelers will still need, at least for the moment, to book through a tour operator, which will still be responsible for ensuring the itinerary meets Treasury regulations and does not constitute pleasure tourism. Over time, if direct commercial flights start and on-line booking sites add Cuba to their destinations, travelers might be able to book tickets themselves and certify to the airline that the trip was for an allowed purpose, the U.S. United Airlines Inc said on Thursday it planned to serve Cuba from Houston and Newark, New Jersey, subject to government approvals. Those exempt include Cuban-Americans, journalists and people traveling for government or business reasons. In the small town of Belmond, Iowa, about 90 miles north of Des Moines, Duwayne Abel, owner of Cattleman’s Steaks & Provisions restaurant, said a tornado swept through his business’ parking lot and demolished part of the building. I was, oh, eight miles west of town and I looked toward town and I could see a funnel cloud, having no idea it was exactly where our restaurant was,’ Mr Abel said.

Kanye West was spotted out in New York City on Sunday after his highly-anticipated performance at Governors Ball was cancelled because of the impending bad weather. Rain boots: A woman walks through Times Square during a rainstorm in New York as a severe storm system sweeping the U.S. A storm ripped through a farm in rural Alexander, destroying a motor home. In Iowa, at least two businesses and a home were ‘completely damaged,’ authorities said. It comes as authorities in Germany cut short one of the country’s most popular music festivals after 72 people went to hospital when they were injured by lightning strikes. In Wisconsin, authorities said thunderstorms packing heavy rain and high winds caused a Walmart roof to partially collapse. Last year, a derecho caused at least $1 billion in damage from Chicago to Washington, killing 13 people and leaving more than 4 million people without power, according to the weather service.

Forecasters predicted that by the time the storms were done, they could affect more than one in five Americans from Iowa to Maryland. Cuba Educational Travel, said the “educational” category would probably be one of the most-used formal categories for travel. New Cuba rules no beach bonanza for U.S. He has brought around 5,000 people to Cuba over the last four years, organizing trips that range from short family visits for Cuban-Americans to holidays designed for art collectors or cigar aficionados. Gov. Chris Christie, a potential Republican presidential candidate, took three foreign trips in five months. As that fire started three others broke out in southern California, NBC 4 reported, burning 200 acres of land and threatening 3,000 homes. While there, Bentley announced three business expansions involving 700 jobs for Alabama, including one that had begun with talks at the Paris Air Show in 2013. Bentley said he wished the air show had a different name. The 36-person delegation included his wife, who is Korean, nearly a dozen university officials and 15 business leaders, including several from the energy company Dominion and two from a business that has been working with a Japanese firm to bring high-speed trains to the northeastern U.S.

The new regulations will allow Americans to visit the island for any of a dozen specific reasons, including family visits, education and religion, without first obtaining a special license from the U.S. Many of the Americans who travel to the island already visit beach resorts such as Varadero, on the island’s northern coast, betting on the fact that what U.S. In Indiana, the warnings prompted the Northern Indiana Public Service Co. to increase staff at its customer call center and to schedule extra work crews for any power outages. The ferocious weather came as a wildfire fueled by hot temperatures, gusty winds and thick, bone-dry forests destroyed 92 homes and prompted more than 7,000 residents northeast of Colorado Springs to flee, sheriff’s official said on Wednesday. A separate Colorado wildfire to the south has destroyed 20 structures, including some in Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, and prompted evacuations of about 250 residents and nearly 1,000 inmates at a medium-security prison. South Carolina. The $500 million plant was a big payoff for the trip’s $34,453 cost. They cost $119 each, or two for $199, which is pretty pricey for a range extender.

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