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Gov. Scott Walker, a potential Republican presidential candidate, traveled to Canada last week. Scott spokeswoman Jeri Bustamante said the governor “is confident this economic-development trip will result in job creation for Florida.” It’s his 11th trip abroad since taking office in 2011 but his first since going to Japan in November 2013. By comparison, former Gov. She recently announced plans for her first trade trip in October to China, Japan and Vietnam. An Israeli countertop maker and a fertilizer company announced plans to expand in Georgia. Nixon recently touted one result: Piva Group, an Italian maker of vinyl housing materials, plans to open its first U.S. Cuomo says he plans additional trips to China, Canada and Italy. Republican Gov. Mary Fallin traveled in June to the Paris Air Show, Germany and Italy. It was her first trip abroad since attending the 2013 air show. Gov. John Kasich, a potential Republican presidential candidate, hasn’t taken anything that he defines as a “trade mission” since taking office in 2011. But Kasich did travel in January 2013 to Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, who took office in 2013, made his first trade trip abroad in January to the United Kingdom.

bride holding arm of groom Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo took office in January. Bridgestone announced plans in November to build a $233 million headquarters in Nashville, Denso announced an $85 million Tennessee expansion in January and Nissan announced a $160 million project for parts suppliers in March. Meanwhile, social media sites executed their plans to respond to the president´s misinformation. Beshear, who is in his final year in office, also traveled this year to Canada, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany and Sweden. In July 2014, Bullock attended the Pacific Northwest Economic Region summit in Canada, with his accommodations paid by the regional nonprofit group that organized the gathering. Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock led at 19-person delegation to several Chinese cities last September. Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard led a trade delegation to China in May 2014 for the third consecutive year. Branstad took no trips abroad last year. He has no trade trips planned. Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton is planning an August trade trip to Mexico that his administration says will focus on “strengthening business, education and cultural ties.” The trip will cost business attendees $2,800 each. Republican Gov. Paul LePage took two trips abroad in June 2014. He traveled with more than two dozen state and business officials to Iceland, where the shipping company Eimskip hosted a $5,000 reception.

The 36-person delegation included his wife, who is Korean, nearly a dozen university officials and 15 business leaders, including several from the energy company Dominion and two from a business that has been working with a Japanese firm to bring high-speed trains to the northeastern U.S. Business officials who went along on the European trip were billed up to $6,500 for help arranging meetings with prospective overseas business partners. The state costs totaled nearly $50,000, with business delegates paying an additional $86,000 for their expenses. The mayor of Washington, D.C., has declared a state of emergency as the nation’s capital prepares for heavy rains, flooding and power outages related to Hurricane Florence. The Navy has authorized an emergency evacuation order ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Florence. Virginia Department of Emergency Management spokesman Jeff Caldwell said local governments are responsible for opening up shelters for evacuees and some won’t open until Wednesday or Thursday.

Higgins says the department of corrections can’t say exactly which facilities are being evacuated. For her previous trip, the state paid $17,239 for four Commerce Department staff to go along. The state spent $70,000 for 14 employees plus $21,000 for marketing and a pro-Georgia seminar hosted in Tel Aviv. He announced that the 2015 conference will be hosted in Montana. The Corps says Marines currently in training will be sent to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Georgia, where they’ll continue training until the storm has dissipated and it’s safe to return to Parris Island. Meteorologists do not yet known whether the storms could be classified as a derecho – a storm of strong straight-line winds spanning at least 240 miles. I was, oh, eight miles west of town and I looked toward town and I could see a funnel cloud, having no idea it was exactly where our restaurant was,’ Mr Abel said. About 30.7 million people will drive more than 50 miles for Memorial Day trips, according to auto club AAA. Missouri, employing up to 122 people. Ferry officials say that as of Tuesday afternoon, they had transported 1,582 people evacuating the islands. Today, advocates can only definitively say that 183 of the children are still in the U.S.; contact information is no longer valid for sponsors for the other 362. So even if their parents turn up and want the children back, they cannot easily be reunited.