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One early rally drew more than 30,000 people to an Alabama football stadium. But her last campaign speech, an unannounced five minutes in Wilmington, North Carolina, drew out her husband’s tender side. He feuded with Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly, saying after a testy debate exchange that she had ‘blood coming out of her wherever’ – a statement that some interpreted as a jab at her menstrual cycle. Fox News exit polls showed that group swinging toward Clinton by a 55-37 margin, according to Fox News Channel exit polls. When Iowa and Wisconsin came through, a spontaneous rendition of ‘God Bless America,’ earnest if off-key, drowned out Megyn Kelly’s voice blasting from a TV tuned to the Fox News Channel. As it turned out that was meaningless. Claire, 30, from south London, said: ‘I had access to the Wifi so I found out in mid air. A few threw their red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats in the air.

Michigan – a state few thought a Republican could win. ‘Why did they have to give just a few days’ notice. The outlier pollsters like the Trafalgar Group, often derided by their colleagues, seem to have better judged the electorate. Along the way he angered some in the Republican Party establishment who saw him as a reckless insult-generator destined to alienate large swaths of the American electorate. American said the storm was responsible for cancellations to and from the North Carolina cities of Fayetteville, Greenville, Jacksonville, New Bern and Wilmington. His mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis, which cost hundreds of thousands of American lives, was cause enough. Trump’s massive media exposure created both fans and detractors, hardening positions on both ends of the political spectrum – and inside the GOP, where ‘NeverTrump’ Republicans pledged not to support him even at the cost of delivering the White House to a second Clinton. Trump rallies created their own subculture, with his self-styled deplorable fans chanting ‘Lock her up! Late in the general election cycle, 17,500 fans blanketed a field near Fort Bragg in North Carolina to hear him speak. Trumpworld had virtually no ‘ground game’ until late in the general election. It was beginning to lose power as it swirled over high ground.

Torrential rains have drenched New York as a storm that flattened buildings, toppled trees and downed power lines in the MidWest promised to inflict more wild weather overnight, as it turns into a fierce nor’easter. NEW YORK (AP) – In the closing stretch of the 2018 campaign, the question is no longer the size of the Democratic wave. Now we are in the final stretch as the votes are counted. In surveys of US sports fans, soccer is now more popular than ice hockey in the US. Trump, a billionaire first-time candidate whose political debut was initially seen as an ego-stroking circus act, bested 16 other Republicans for the right to face Clinton, who has lived and breathed campaigns and elections for more than 40 years and had only one serious intra-party rival. In the end the one that generated the most ink was ‘crooked Hillary’ Clinton, an epithet that encapsulated conservatives’ anger at a candidate who seemed to operate by a set of financial and ethics rules that are unavailable to others. His campaign was less than a half-hour old when he generated headlines by saying some illegal immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border were ‘murderers,’ ‘rapists’ and other criminal aliens.

He finished his campaign with a pair of five-state barnstorming days, wrapping up his final rally after 1:00 a.m. Through the fall Melania Trump made only rare appearances on the campaign trail, mainly turning up at debates. Other powerful women in a year when Trump was running against America’s would-be first female president. His status as a successful real estate tycoon with a payroll in the hundreds of millions of dollars bought him credibility enough to question America’s longstanding trade deficits, record law labor participation rates and stagnant economy. America’s Electoral College system provides one vote for each member of Congress, including both the Senate and the House of Representatives, plus three to represent the District of Columbia – 538 in all. La Prensa published at least six articles in his name from Houston during Super Bowl week, including one about Brady being named MVP. While there, Bentley announced three business expansions involving 700 jobs for Alabama, including one that had begun with talks at the Paris Air Show in 2013. Bentley said he wished the air show had a different name. His candidacy brought women out of the woodwork to accuse him of sexual misconduct of varying severity, including one woman who sued him for an alleged teen rape – and then withdrew the case when her story fell apart.

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